The Body’s Cry For HELP!
“A war is being waged within every cell of your body. It is called oxidative stress and is believed to be the cause of more than 60 degenerative diseases. The same process that causes iron to rust, cut apples to turn brown, or food to decay is waging an out-and-out attack on every living cell in your body.” Dr. Ray Strand

Do You Exercise? Well, you may be in Greater Danger then someone who Doesn’t?
"Lied to Again!" read the headlines of the New York Times after the Associated Press released a hallmark study and confession by the medical community. Many readers may have been shocked to find the unprecedented disclosure that Heart Disease is not a disease of cholesterol, but rather an inflammatory disease of the artery. It seems the medical community is apologizing all too often for their approach to the number one killer in North America and the industrialized world.

What Part is the Medical Community Playing in Preventing Disease in Your Body!
“The health care community likes to pride itself in the fact that it promotes preventive care. Physicians encourage patients to have routine physicals in order to maintain health. However, a closer look quickly leads one to conclude that physicians are primarily trying to detect disease earlier. Pap smears, PSA’s, mammograms, blood work, and physical exams are merely trying to find a silent disease the patient may already have. Obviously the earlier you detect diseases the better it is for you, but nothing has been prevented.” Dr. Ray Strand.

Is Exercising and Eating Healthy Enough?
“For years I told my patients they could get everything they need from their diet. However, after researching the medical literature for the past seven years on this subject, I am convinced that every man, woman, and child needs to be taking nutritional supplements in order to better protect their health.” Dr. Ray Strand.


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